My dearest Saar L. and Teg,

How are you doing? Hopefully, more energetic than I am; why am I always so tired in the middle of the week? This morning I woke up at 08:23, and had to be at uni at 9am, so I only brushed my teeth, put on my clothes and went straight to uni, which is a 25-minute drive. After this stressful start of the morning, I made it in time, and had to stay at uni until 4pm, which is just like hell to me (how did I survive those 8-5 days in high school??? I can’t even handle 2 hours a day in uni). To cheer myself up after this day, I dressed up and went out for some outfit pictures. When we walked out, the sun suddenly started shining, which made me soooo happy after all those rainy and cloudy days. I wore the “jacket/kimono” I bought at the closet sale, but I decided to tie it really tight and wear it as a dress, which turned out really well, if I may say so?! Combined it with my overknees, because, you know, you should always dress like you’re already famous.

After that, I worked on uni a little, played with my little brother and sister and I am now laying in bed, writing this. Going to sleep early tonight, because tomorrow is a full day again!

I hope you like it and get inspired!!!

LOTS of love and kisses,

Sarah R.




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