Good afternoon girls,

Although, oficially we do not have holidays this week at uni, I will be leaving tomorrow to Austria. So I was busy with packing my stuff, and I have to admit I will only take my Uggs with me. I know, not fashionable at all, but they will keep me warm and I don’t want my other shoes to get ruined by the snow. I am very excited about going to the mountains and I reaaaally hope the weather will be nice, as I am only a nice-weather-skier. But besides that I am looking forward to get out of this country and leave uni for a week, because it has been super exhausting.

But today I wanted to tell you about a place I was yesterday in Rotterdam. It is called Round&Round and it was so nice. The owners are originally from China and they do not speak Dutch, which is no problem for me. They had all these different cakes and even tea and hot chocolate with match and since I am sort of obsessed with it I really wanted to try it out. I met with a friend and we ordered five different pies and a pancake. The Swirl cake was the best I guess, so order that one! and the pancakes were good too! I also took five other cakes home with me, so it was a good day. A really good day, beause they are lower in sugar than normal cakes, so you don’t have to feel bad after eating the entire shop.

I definately recommend you to go there, as the people are so nice and the food is really good. Maybe something to do for you while I am trying not to break anything in Austria? Let me know, and I will keep you posted about my adventures in the mountains. See you!

XX Tegla




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