Hey girls,

Hope life is going well! Mine is ok, just came home from a tennis match (I haven’t played tennis in 2 years, so it was something..). Overall, it was better than expected, so I am sort of happy.

I initially wanted to write a post about de Keukenhof, as I visisted it on Friday with my boyfriend. However, all the tullips were dead and it looked awful and I we payed €38 for nothing (dead tullips are nothing). I guess it would have been better to go to the Intratuin and watch the plants for free. But either way, we had a fun day and I decided to do an outfit post for you instead.

I wanted to wear something casual but not too casual if you know what I mean. Therefore, I decided to wear a blouse instead of a sweater and finish it with a colourful scarf and a jacket I bought 7(!!!!!) years ago at Harrods. I found it in my closet and thought it was still quite cool. And of course, my favourite sneakers that make every outfit a little party :). The sunnies are from two years ago but I love the colourful details on the sides. And I stole the bucketbag from my mom, so don’t tell her.. No you can tell her, she steals my shoes all the time, so it’s ok.

Hope you get some inspiration for the rest of the week, and if not, good luck with creating your own outfits.

XX Tegla



Jeans: AllSaints / Blouse: Tommy Hilfiger / Coat: French Connection / Scarf: Zara / Sunnies Fendi / Bag: SeeByChloe / Shoes: Nubikk / Watch: Marc Jacobs / Ring: Ted Baker / Bracelet: Swarovski


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