Hey Saar,

I am so excited for my exchange and a bit scared too. Not sure whether I am entirely ready, but then again, it’s only for a couple of months and I always wanted to live abroad. I loved your post about beauty, because I am the absolute worst when it comes to make-up and all that, so I will for sure use your tips next time I need make up!

This summer has been crazy for me, I just came back last week from my last minute trip to Stockholm after being home for 3 days and I will fly to Exeter within the next month.. Maybe, if I will find the time I’ll write you all about this summer and the places I’ve been to, but right now, I will just tell you about one of my favourite EU cities: Stockholm.

Stockholm was high on my list for quite some time, and I could not be more excited to visit this city with my parents and siblings. I have to say, we were super lucky with the weather and I am not so sure if I would like this city as much during the cold winter. But it was so pretty and clean and the perfect place for a 3 day adventure.

Day 1

We rented bikes at our hotel for the entire day, which is probably the best tip I can give to you. You can see so many things, not only within the city centre, but also its beautiful surrounding and nature! Cycle through Djurngarden and have a quick stop at the VASA museum where you can see a 300 years old ship.

Go to TAKK for a nice drink at the rooftop bar and have dinner at their restaurant!

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Day 2

Take a ferry towards one of the many islands in the morning. We went to Vaxholm, which was an hour with the boat, but showed us a totally different side of Sweden. There is a restaurant on the Island, where they have the best cakes and pies.

During the afternoon, it is nice to see a bit more of the city by going to Södermalm (if you are staying in Östermalm at least). Get your vitamins at Juiceverket for the best freshly made juices! And for dinner you should definately go to Riche, probably one of my favourite restaurants and I would go there every week if I could. I have to mention that it’s not cheap, but you can compare it to the Harbour Club prices, so it should be affordable.

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Day 3

The last day of our trip was used to walk through the shopping district of Östermalm and see a little bit more of the city. Go to Fabrique and get the best cinnamon patries and a nice coffee.

Also, check whether you KLM flight is delayed before getting into a taxi so you don’t end up waiting in an airport lounge for 4 hours (believe me, Arlanda Airport is not that great).



We stayed at the HOBO hotel, which is a real recommendation if you like boutique hotels, where they serve good breakfast and created a cool vibe. It is located in the city centre next to the train station, the shopping district and the old town are both close and easy to get to by foot.


Have fun in Stockholm if your trip is already planned, and otherwise, go hurry and get that last minute ticket!






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