Bonjour Teg!

I am still dreaming about Saint-Tropez, and enjoying the memories. My best friend Kim and I, want to buy a house at the Côte d’Azur later and spend our summers in there. Wouldn’t that just be the best thing ever?

We photographed these pictures at a beautiful village Saint-Maxime. I took pictures in three different outfits, and kept having to walk past the same restaurant. At some point, a big group of friends took notice, and they started laughing so hard. One man even started to film me, which was kind of weird, but so is taking 2000 pictures in front of a wall, so fair enough.

Yesterday we had a lovely beach day. We have one beach club near our house where we always go. They have a bar there were you can get the best burgers with fries. Tanning, swimming, and eating… is there anything better?

These pants and the shirt I bought at the Zara in Cannes. I love them both so much! Light colors are so beautiful with a tan.

Now, I’m going to continue my day by the pool. I’m looking forward to hear more about your travels!





Shorts: Zara, Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Diadora


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