Dear Saar and Teg,

I missed you so much when I was away, so I really want to tell you everything that happened on my citytrip!

On friday, I went to the airport and after a two hour flight (felt more like 5 minutes, because I was sleeping the whole time) I arrived in beautiful Milan. However, after that I still had to travel for two hours, since the ultra-cheap Airbnb was not in the center AT ALL. When I finally arrived, after travelling a whole day on my heels, carrying a suitcase, I got some pizza and went to sleep right away.

Saturday was the day to go into the city! After spending way too much time on picking our outfits, we went all the way back to the center to go get some breakfast. When we got out of the subway station “Duomo” we were stunned by how beautiful Milan really is. Duomo, the big cathedral, is the first thing you see when you get out of the subway. We walked around and sat down at a café in the middle of the city, to get some way-overpriced breakfast. It didn’t taste good at all, but we were just so happy, being in sunny Milan, watching all kinds of people walking around. After that, we went to Piazza del Duomo, sitting in the sun, enjoying life and taking some pictures.

1324Culotte: Zara, Shirt: H&M, Jacket: …., Shoes: Isabel Marant, Bag: ModeMusthaves

Of course, fashion-addicted as I am, we went shopping as well. I get why Milan is called a fashion-city, but that is more the case if you réally have money to spend. There are a lot of beautiful high-end stores in beautiful galleries, but unfortunately, I cannot afford LV bags. There is a very long street with affordable shops, but that was kind of comparable to the cities I have already been to.

Day 2, we went to the Central Station, without any preparation, to just look at the trains that were going to leave soon and just pick one. Verona was at the top, so we just picked that one, without even being sure what we could do there. The only reason we chose this city, was because we thought that the movie “Letters to Julliet” was filmed there. After 2 hours, we arrived, and were both kind of disappointed, because it did not look very nice. However, when we walked 5 minutes to get into the city center, it was SO beautiful! I thought that it was comparable to Milan and Venice. We went to “Casa di Giullieta”, had some ice cream, shopped a little, and had dinner outside under some blankets. Around 8pm, we left to get to the apartment, because unfortunately we had to leave the next morning at 6am… Wish I could’ve stayed there forever.


Scarf: Primark, Trenchcoat: Primark, Bag: H&M

How are you doing my loves? Looking forward to your letters.

Xxxxxxxxxxxx Sarah R.


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