Hey Honeys,

How was your January? I’m loving February so far! I’m reunited with all of my friends who were on exchange. Friday I met up with my bestie Fleur who had been travelling the world, and yesterday I went shopping and lunching with Saar. I bought a pair of mom jeans, I love them, they’re so comfortable! Besides that, I picked up some makeup goodies, but can you blame me? I’m addicted.

I had done some shopping in December that I hadn’t told you about yet, I always want to make sure I test things first before I give you my opinion. My dad and I built a makeup closet to store all my makeup in because things were getting a little out of control. Now everything is stored neatly in the obvious Alex drawers from Ikea. I have photographed this makeup in a very Valentiny way because this holiday is coming up and I’m so looking forward to it. The Galentine party has been planned already.


Colourpop has been my favourite brand recently and didn’t disappoint this time. It is so affordable, and I already have so many more things I want to buy from them.


I’ve heard many YouTubers call this foundation a dupe for Tarte Shapetape, so obviously, I had to try it. This was the lightest shade and I thought it would be way too light for me, but the colour does oxidize, so it’s the perfect shade to cover and highlight. I love how this makes my under eyes look, super bright, and very covered, it keeps me looking good all day.


I bought another SuperShock shadow, they are just so pigmented and last so incredibly long on the eyes. This colour was so beautiful for the holidays, such a great party colour. However, it is not super easy to use, not because of the formula, but because the colour is so strong that there is a fine line between looking beautiful and looking like someone punched you in the eye. When I knew how to properly use it though, I thought it was stunning.


I like this brow pencil, but it’s not my favourite, it’s less easy to use than my pencil pencils, if you know what I mean. There is nothing wrong with it and I love that it has a brush on one side.


This bronzer it beautiful! I use it every single day. It has a little sheen to it and is not completely matte, so it helps with looking bronzy and glowy.


This blusher looks great once you apply it to the face, it just doesn’t last long. I’m always looking for longevity in my face products, and this one just doesn’t make the cut. It’s really weird since the other Colourpop products with the same creamy texture last super long.

Makeup just brings me so much happiness and these products were no exception.




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