Hi friends,

This week started quite intense. I did a workout, but because Goda wasn’t there I had to do the couple exercises alone. It was incredibly awkward. I mean it’s not like I love closely working out with strangers, but alone was just a little pathetic. I’m trying to work out three times a week, with my main motivator having girl time with Goda. That night my mom and I went to the movies to see The Greatest Showman, what an amazing movie that was. The music is great, the story is touching, and Zac Efron looks so handsome. I would 10/10 recommend. Yesterday, Fleur came over and we just ate. We made the most beautiful bruschettas and kept on eating 30 of them.

Today, I wanted to share my skincare routine, cause I’m really happy with it currently. My skin has been doing very well recently, and even though my skin gets very dry during the winter, my face is still so soft and moisturized. The products I’m currently using are all from The Ordinary because they are so affordable, and at the same time from such high quality.


This is the order in which I apply these products. This is according to how it is recommended. If I’m not being lazy, I use them day and night, even though I skip the oil in the evening because I don’t want my bangs to get greasy. This routine has been working for me very well and looks great with my makeup.


This skin serum is anti-aging. Writing that down I don’t really understand why I use it, but I think 20 is a solid age to start this process. It also feels really nice on the skin. Kim Kardashian is using one of the serums of The Ordinary, not this one, but one of them, which I think says enough.


100% plant-derived squalane

This product makes my skin so super hydrated, which is exactly the point. This has saved my skin in these cold winter months, I love it!!


natural moisturizing factors + ha

This moisturizer have I been using for ages now, and it’s still my fave. It sinks into the skin so quickly, and you don’t feel it during the day.


100% organic cold-pressed rose hip seed oil
100% organic cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil

I always end with an oil. I used the argan one first and now I’m using the Rose Hip Seed one because everyone was recommending it. Oil keeps my skin looking glowy and healthy. At first, I didn’t like it under makeup which I said in a blog post but now I love it. It makes your foundation so much dewier.


Is primer skincare? I don’t know. But this is the final step before I apply foundation. This one makes you have to use less foundation because it spreads easier. It also makes for a dewier look, which I love.

I have been very confident without makeup lately because I’m liking my skin much better. If only a tiny bit of that would be my skincare routine, I would totally recommend it. Everyone’s skin is different, and everyone likes different products, but The Ordinary’s ones are a really good option.




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