Dear Teg and Saar R.,

I have missed you guys so much too! At least I saw you, Saar, at salsa. We did not get a lot of time to talk them, but at least I could look at you whenever things would get awkward haha. I had my final interview in Amsterdam yesterday and I hope so much that I will be able to do an internship in this photogenic city. It would mean that Saar and I could travel there together, have dinner and go out. We would have so much fun!

I went to Amsterdam together with my mom, and we just walked around a little bit. When I walked out I realised that it was snowing, which made the city even more beautiful. I had to take a lot of pictures!


I wore an outfit that was way too cold again. I just cannot help it! It was freezing outside, and I was wearing a mini skirt. What can I say?


Bag: Zara, Shoes: Manfield, Skarf: Zara, Coat: Forever 21, Skirt: Primark, Shirt: Brandy Melville

After a super nice, but very cold, walk, my mom and I settled down to have a warm drink. When we could feel our fingers again, we walked over to this nice dinner spot called Pazzi. It was really special. From the outside it looked like it was just take-out, so we were hesitant to go inside, but then this woman walked by, who overheard us talking, and told us the pizzas were great. It turned out that inside there were six little tables, and an open kitchen. It was quite cosy and the pizzas were indeed delicious. When we walked to the station we came these gorgeous lighted streets.


Saar, workout on Monday? Teg, we really need to catch up soon. I am looking forward to our Galentine party, hope to see you girls there!






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