Happy Sunday to you girls,

Hope you are enjoying it as much as I do! Just took a shower and now I am relaxing in my robe with a face mask, while dreaming about yesterday’s meal. I dream about food all day every day, so this is not something new, but this food was too good, I had to share it. After a long day strolling through a too crowded city with my boyfriend, in search of the best present for my mom, I couldn’t wait to try out this restaurant, located in the city centre!

It’s called Adam & Siam (as you could guess by the title), and it is a mix of Thai and western food. So you can order all sorts of curry as well as fish and chips. But I am the biggest lover of all the food that comes from that part of the world, so I went for the curry! I would really recommend you to try the vegetarian with tofu, since that was my fave! But the best tip is to just order two meals and share them with your friend. Oh and don’t forget the best part: the dessert! I took the layercake with extra cake instead of ice cream, since I am not a big fan of that.

The restaurant itself is also very cool but you can see that on the photo’s! Let me know what you think and if you want to try it.

XX Tegla


Rokin 93, 1012 KM Amsterdam





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