Hey girls,

So I have some good news to tell you, my internship finished, which means my holidays started! 3 months to be precise and I love it already. I am not one of those people who “just can’t sit still and do nothing”, I actually hate that sentence. I love chilling all day, watch movies or series, make nice lunches, go for lunch with my mom or go to the beach with my dog. And holidays also mean that I will have more time to create content for the blog, sooo stay tuned.

Saar, those popsicles looked perfect and I definitely want to try them soon! I also have a good and pretty recommendation for you. Last weekend I went to Amsterdam with my sister and we had such a good time. Since the city was super crowded we wanted to get out of the city a bit and visit the hotspots that were on our list. That’s how we ended up at Sticky Fingers in West.

They have the cutest and most pretty pink wall you’ll ever see (Saar I bet this is your dream wall) and the food is just as good. They call themselves an eco-patisserie and everything is homemade and organic. We tried a lot of what they offer and everything tasted just as good. So feel free to go there and try out whatever you like, although, I would recommend the iced Matcha :)!

Hope to see you both soon, ’cause I miss you!

XX Tegla


Amstelveenseweg 3, Amsterdam




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