Hello Darlings,

I’m currently missing my roommate so bad. Goda is a working girl now which means we spend our first day apart. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But I just had the best week with her. I bought Goda the cutest notebook for completing her first day, that she will get when she gets home together with home-made pizza.

Wednesday Goda, Sjue, and I went out for dinner at my fave restaurant Gym and Gin. We had way too much fun and were probably annoying the whole restaurant. Afterward, Goda and I tried out her new gel nail set, and we watched more Brooklyn nine-nine, it has been our favorite show this week and even though I’ve already seen it many times, I still love it. When Goda went to bed, Sjue spontaneously took pictures of me. This is the end result, and I quite liked it and therefore wanted to share it with you. Sjue and I also did a podcast from which you will see the end-result pretty soon. Sorry for not doing more podcasts, but because the podcast is about me and my friends, I don’t constantly want to force them into recording with me.

Hit me up if you want to be on the podcast!





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