Dear Teg,

I hope you’re enjoying your time in Aruba. The pictures you’re sending me are absolutely amazing. You really deserved some time to relax and enjoy the sun.

Today I wanted to talk to you about an issue that arrises every year again, and again, when going on vacation. After a long winter of covering up, the clothes can finally come off, and you can take your bikini body on vacay. Now you obviously look amazing and I hope you’re showing  off proudly on the beach, but for the times you might feel a bit insecure, I wanted to share my tips.


Wear beachwear that fits

This one is so important, not only on the beach, but just in life. The only times I have felt really unhappy with my body were the times that I wore clothes that did not fit me well. If you started your beach body workout a week before you left (yup, that’s me) and your beachwear has become to small, it’s the perfect excuse to go out and buy yourself something new. Don’t worry about sizing, just buy whatever fits. I had a really big shopping sesh before my vacation, and even though I had to size up a little, I feel so comfortable in everything I own now. Items that fitted a little to tight I just didn’t bring. It’s not like I’m gonna lose weight on holiday anyways. If you fit well in your bikini/bathing suit you won’t feel constrained, and be ready to take a dive.

Every body is different, and that’s beautiful

If you look around you on the beach, there are so many different people with different body types, and everyone deserves to be there. No one is better than you because they are skinnier, or curvier, or more athletic. Your body doesn’t define your worth. There is a beauty in knowing that everyone is different. So just try to accept what you might consider “flaws” Because they are what makes you unique, what makes you you.

Be healthy, but don’t restrict yourself

What always helps me to feel confident, is a quick workout. That’s not because I want to transform my body, but because working out makes me feel very good about myself. Here, I do a 15 minute workout every day on the Nike+ Training app (great tip!). Being healthy is never a bad idea, but please don’t stop eating what you love every once in a while. Not eating that pizza won’t immediately make you skinny, but it will make you sad, beacause pizza is everything. So what I do is just enjoy those fries and burgers, even though I’m walking around in a bikini, because you will never remember the one time you were able to resist fries. but you will remember the time you stopped yourself from doing what you love (which in my case is eating).

Take a picture

This is not for everyone, but I do this with my best friends every vacay. We  dress up in our best beachwear, and take pictures of each other. With a beautiful background, and beachhair, the best pictures happen. You definitely don’t have to share them if you don’t want to, but having pictures of yourself looking your best, are THE best confidence booster.

Just enjoy!

You know how you can look back at pictures of yourself the next year, and think, “I looked so great there!” But in the moment you were super self-conscious about your appearance, and you just wished you would’ve appreciated yourself more. I feel like I have this seriously every single year. If I look at pictures from last year, I think I look so good, but I was so insecure then because I gained a little weight (pizza. in Italy.). With this knowledge, just try to enjoy the moment, and love yourself, because right now, in this moment, you are beautiful.


I hope this helps you in your self-conscious moments, and enjoy the beach life!




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