Ma très chère Tegla,

Thank you so much for the tips in your last letter. You looked so great in your pictures!! I know sometimes people might give you a hard time, and think that you just eat really healthy all the time, but I know that can be a little unhealthy from time to time too. And even if you didn’t, everyone can make their own decisions about that.

We had a little beach day yesterday, it wan’t that sunny, but still a lot of fun. I went paddleboarding, which I read you do too. I love it so much!! Do you think we can do that back in Rotterdam? If so, we should totally go together. I have chilled so much since I came here. It is honestly the nicest thing ever to have a house with a pool, and the sea within walking distance. I know I am so fortunate to be here, and enjoy every second of it.

I bought these sunglasses in our town, Saint-Maxime, how cool are they? They were only ten euros. The coverup, I bought in Saint-Tropez two years ago, when my bestie Kim and I, found about the only affordable store there. It has traveled with me ever since, I just find it so chique.

I have been a lot of places that I would love to tell you about, but I’ll write you a letter about that some other time!




Bikini: Asos, Coverup: boutique in Saint-Tropez, Sunglasses: boutique in Saint-Maxime




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