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I feel like I’ve been writing so little lately, and I’m so sorry for that. It’s just a crazy time right now. I’m hosting all these holiday parties, I go to school, workout, mostly eat, that sometimes there’s just not much time left. How did you guys like the podcast I did with Bobby? I feel like the quality of the sound was much better, and it’s also fun to have a male guest sometimes.

After an insanely busy weekend, with two parties, one sleepover, and tons of gifts, I needed two days to chill. Yesterday I went to a Dan + Shay concert. Do you guys know them? They are two amazing country singers, who were in Amsterdam. Kimberly and I always go to country concerts together because we don’t know anyone who loves this genre of music as much as we do. So you can imagine I wanted to look a bit glam. My absolute favorite products lately have been from Colourpop, I love this brand! I bought a ton of things when the whole site was 20 percent of, so everything was even more affordable. I didn’t have to pay for shipping because I spend more than 50 dollars, oops. However, when the package arrived I had to pay 20 euros for customs duties. I am so happy with most of the products, that I wanted to share them with you!


Yes, Please!, $16

This is the ‘Yes, Please!’ palette from Colourpop, is amazing. It’s the only thing I’ve been wearing for weeks now. It looks a bit messy currently, because the palette is white and the colors spread quite a bit. I have never experienced any problems with fallout on my face though. These shadows stay on my eyes all day, are super pigmented and very blendable. So basically everything you want! The colors are completely my style, very warm toned, and perfect for the glam holiday season.


Lunch Money, $8

This highlighter!!! Love it. Wore it to the concert yesterday and I was still glowing when I got home. This color this so beautiful, and looks very natural while also being super glowy, I guess it depends on how much you use. The texture of the highlighter is so interesting and satisfying. It feels like the softest thing ever, and it seems to be both a cream and a powder, which creates almost a putty texture. You need to feel it to know it, but trust me, it’s great!


Fresh Cut, Bad Habit, Mamacita, $6

I bought three liquid lipsticks from Colourpop, and while I like two, there is one I like less. Fresh Cut and Bad Habit are the two pink lipsticks. They are pigmented, and one swipe is enough, they stay on your lips, and don’t feel uncomfortable. I don’t like them as much as I do the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink ones, but they are cheaper and there is a wider variety of colors. Mamacita is a collaboration with a YouTuber and is the most stunning color. It’s so red, it’s almost black, which is the coolest color for an edgy look. However, when Mamacita applies quite patchy, which makes you have to apply multiple layers. This makes this liquid lip so drying and uncomfortable on the lips, that all I wanted to do when I got home last night was take it off. I’m so conflicted on this one, because I love the color, but not the feeling.


Sequin, White Rabbit, $5

These are Colourpop’s Super Shock shadows in the colors Sequin and White Rabbit. I can’t get over how beautiful these are. When I first swatched them, I was completely mesmorised. They are so super pigmented, and Sequin is beautifully glittery. They stay on the eyes forever and just look stunning. These colors I would totally recommend, since they are both great party colors, but also make for a beautiful everyday look if you apply them alone. They have the same feeling as the highlighter, that lovely putty feeling.

Overall, I would love to order from this site again, even though the customs duties put me off a bit. All of these products are so super affordable, while also being of great quality. I want more palettes, and definitely more super shock shadows.

Have you ever ordered anything from Colourpop?




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