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Everyone who knows me, knows I have an incredible love for Gigi Hadid. I think it started when she dated Cody Simpson and I was a big fan of him. There were all these pictures of them together, and I just thought “who is this beautiful creature?” Since then I love everything Gigi Hadid, I don’t even really know why, because she is not the most public celebrity. I just love her outfits, her friendship with Taylor Swift, her hair, and just her overall being. In a strange way, comparing myself to Gigi gave me confidence, because whenever I felt self-conscious about something, like my teeth, Tegla would tell me that Gigi had that too, and I would start loving that part of myself.

When I discovered that she would be collaborating with Maybelline, I freaked out. I love Maybelline products. They are affordable, but also great quality. I saved my money (can you believe it?), so I could buy the products the second it would drop. In Europe we had to wait a while, but I was late night makeup shopping when I found out they were available at I bought the warm palette and three lipsticks. The products are pricier than most Maybelline products, therefore I couldn’t buy everything, even though I wanted to.

I watched Tati and Laura Lee’s videos on the collab, so I already knew which products were worth buying. It would be hard for me to say a bad word about Gigi Hadid, but I still wanted to review these products for you.


Eyeshadow Palette Warm, 15,99

First of all, how amazing is this picture? One of the things I love most about Gigi are her friendships, they seem so real. This palette was 15,99 euros which is obviously not cheap for a palette that is really small. When it came in the mail I was a little disappointed that it was this size, but that does make it perfect for traveling. When I first swatched the products, the lighter shades didn’t seem super pigmented, but on the eyes they look beautiful. All the eyeshadows are very easy to blend. The shimmery shades are really really nice, and overall you can make really great eye looks with this palette. Is it a bit expensive for the size? Yes, for a drugstore product it is, but I don’t regret buying it, because I do like what you can do with it.


Lipstick Erin and Taura, 9,99

These nude shades are Erin and Taura, and are both super pretty. Erin is the darkest nude, which is great for fall, and Taurus is just my perfect nude shade. They feel really comfortable on the lips, and are easy to apply.


Lipstick Austyn, 9,99

This Austyn shade is my perfect red. I love orangy reds, because they just give me a summer feeling, and make you stand out right away. You need to do a few swipes before the color is fully opaque, but then it looks really really nice.

Overall, I really like all these products, and let’s be honest, I will be so proud if I pull one of these Gigi lipsticks in their beautiful package out of my bag. Not everyone will be able to afford these products, especially because I’m sure there are cheaper products of the same quality, but you also pay for the collaboration, which I’m totally fine with. Gigi could come out with a line of doors, and I would still buy it.

Are you gonna try out any of these products? Let me know what you think!




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