Dear Teg,

I loved seeing you again Friday! Once the website was done we stopped having these meetings regularly, while it is so good to have one every once in a while. After you left my friend Lucia came by, and we made Milky Way brownies. I hadn’t eaten Milky Way in so long, and it tasted great. I feel like brownies always taste better the second day, so I’ll eat some more later.

I told you elaborately about my beauty obsession, and (un)fortunately it’s not slowing down any time soon. I was hanging out with our friend Yvy when I realised how many beauty products I could recommend her, because I have tried so much lately. Of course the only way this is possible is by purchasing makeup that is not too expensive. I have been so into watching YouTube videos about drugstore makeup, and discovering some cheap gems. I’m sure this might switch again in the future, and I’ll start restocking on my favourite Benefit products, but for now I really enjoy telling you about my inexpensive beauty finds.

I discovered the following beauty website by watching a video of Laura Lee about it. She wasn’t super exited about everything, but she also liked some products, which made me wanted to try them out. Almost everything on the site of Miss A is 1$, which is obviously super cheap, and all the products are cruelty free. I ordered a ton of products from the site, and had to pay 10$ to get it delivered to my door. It did take quite some time for it to arrive, I would say around two weeks.


Laura Lee made a separate video about these liquid lipsticks. She was happy with the quality, so I knew I had to try them out. The colors vanity, and vip are gorgeous, the color unicorn is too purple for my taste, and the color princess is really light and glittery, which does not look pretty on me. These liquid lipsticks are not too drying, I didn’t feel them during the day, and they lasted longer than some more expensive ones I’ve tried. I would definitely recommend these, not in the last place because of the price. If you want to try some crazy colors, this is a great opportunity to do it without losing too much money.


These powders were not my favorite. I’m just not really a powder kinda girl, and the blush was way too pink for me. It was still very pigmented, and therefore other people might like it more than I did.


These two eyeshadow I did not like when I tried them on my hand, they where not pigmented at all, and I could wipe them away with one swipe. That said, when I put them on my eye it was a totally different story, and they were very pigmented with not too much fallout. I don’t know if I will use these two colors (rouge and eggplant) much because they are very purple, which is not really my fave. The pencil is just a good pencil, nothing more, nothing less.


The “blue berry” eyeshadow is the most amazing eyeshadow, I’m so enthusiastic about this product. It does have some fallout, but is crazy pigmented, and stays on perfectly.  The eyeshadow powder in shade 28, I haven’t really used yet, since when you apply it is more of a glitter, and doesn’t really have color.


These three baked eyeshadows are soo pretty. I have them in the shades Saffron, Mars, and Rosé, and you can make some beautiful eye looks with these. I you spray your brush with a bit of setting spray before you use these, they will be even more pigmented.


How cute are these sheet masks?? I bought 12 for 10$ which is an amazing deal for sheet masks. They are so ideal for a girls night. They have everything, varying from avocado to milk masks. I send one to Sanna on her exchange, and she loved it, so they also make for the perfect gift.


I bought two brushes. One for highlight and one crease brush. The highlight brush I did not like, when I tried to apply highlighter with it nothing showed up. The crease brush however, I loved. It is perfect for smoking out edges. The pink sponge I was not a fan of, I did not like the way it applied foundation and concealer. The weird pink thingy is to put your nail polish in while you are polishing them. How funny is that? It is just one of those things you ony buy when they are 1$.

Overall I’m happy with the quality of most of these products. Some I love, and some I wouldn’t recommend, but for 1$ that’s totally worth it.

Let me know if you like these beauty blogposts, I’m so curious to hear your opinion.



P.S. You might notice that the blog is looking a little different. We are working very hard to make the quality of the pictures even better, and to make the blog organised. If you have any remarks or suggestions, let me know!


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