Bonjour Teg!

You know how you sometimes can’t help but think that things must happen for a reason. Yesterday was definitely one of those days. I had bought this blue dress with lemons at a second-hand clothing store back in Rotterdam, because I had seen it in the shop’s display and it was love at first sight. This dress happened to be the perfect dress for a day in Saint-Tropez. I just didn’t have a bag to match. I had decided that a wooden basket would be absolutely perfect with this dress, and all the fancy women in Saint-Tropez had one, so obviously I wanted one as well. I found this perfect basket in a store in a little street with almost no people. But the luck didn’t end there…


Saint-Tropez is probably my favourite place in the whole entire world, it is absolutely beautiful. It is not affordable, so you can’t really shop there, but the window shopping is absolutely worth it. Now, I really have this thing with Gucci bags, i think they are sooo pretty, and I would love to have one some day. So, my mom and I walked past the Gucci store, and I said; “let’s go inside.” We both weren’t really dressed for designer shopping so my mom tought that they wouldn’t let us in. But I really wanted to so we just went into the store. It should be noted that Saint-tropez in a place often visited by rich and famous people, and I had already seen on Instagram that Taylor Hill was on a boat in Saint- Tropez. So, my mom and I are looking at the bags, and I turn my head and all of a sudden I see Taylor Hill, Daphne Groeveld, and two of their friends… right there in the Gucci store. I am the biggest Victoria Secret show fan, and absolutely love to follow all the models, so obviously I was freaking out. I tell my mom, and she was just trying to keep me calm by talking about the bags, and the clothes that were there. We ended up walking in the store for soo long, even though it was so small, because I just wanted to be in their presence. When we walked out, I immediately send a voice message to Yvanna, and a group message in our chat, I was so incredibly exited.

After that, my day was made, and to make it even better we had a drink at the Dior café. I thought that there would be people like us, who wanted to take pictures with everything Dior, but there were only super fancy people with designer bags. We paid a lot of money for our drinks, but it was totally worth it.


Afterwards, we decided to walk more in the old part of town. Way fewer people are here, but it is actually the most beautiful. You have these hidden beaches, and perfect little streets. It was super windy, so my dress kept flaring up, therefor, we couldn’t spend that much time near the sea.


We met up again with the boys, and had a really nice dinner to end the evening in Saint-Tropez. It was an absolutely amazing day, and I would recommend everyone who is in the neighbourhood to visit this place, it is the best.





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