Hi my Loves,

How is your weekend? I’m chilling in the garden writing this post, enjoying the sun. I had the busiest, but also most amazing day yesterday. My brothers gave me riding waterbikes  (am I saying that right?) in Utrecht as my birthday gift. They had tricked me a little bit because (if you listened to the podcast you know about my public transport anxiety) they decided that we would take the train there. I was a little nervous about this the night before, but it actually went really well, and I was so happy with that.

When we arrived at Utrecht Central 20 minutes later, we immediately started shopping. Utrecht has a beautiful mall right when you exit the station, with a lot of shops that are not in Rotterdam. We first stopped at the Stradivarius, which is a store that’s super cheap and has really cute clothes. In Utrecht they also had a man’s section so we found some clothes for him first, and then found a super cute yellow purse and pink purse after. The boys were super helpful picking out stuff, and they made it clear it was totally my day.

After this, we walked over to the waterbikes. They had hired one of them for 1,5 hours, and we took this beautiful tour through the canals of Utrecht. It was truly a great gift because I love riding water bikes, I just never get the chance to do it. I truly recommend it because even though our legs got so tired and it got really warm, we had so much fun together.

Afterward, we had lunch, with fries of course. Then I remembered that a new store would open in Utrecht that was Danish and is nowhere in the Netherlands. By coincidence, it had opened that day, and we went there before taking the train back. The store is called Normal and is so cool. I can’t even really explain it, they just have everything, and most of it is cheap. What makes it special is that they have all sorts of brands that they don’t have in the Netherlands, or that I usually have to buy online. Then we took the train back, because I had to get to Kimberly, but more on that later!

It was an amazing day, and I love my brothers so much!





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