Hi Huns,

I received my birthday pictures, and really really want to share them with you. You can see most of them on my FaceBook already if you can’t wait. They have been taken by the talented Julia Marino, and they’ve turned out so well, which makes me so happy.

Sunday my two friends Goda and Dascha, who could not be there for my birthday, surprised me with a brunch at Lot & Daan. This place is so Insta-worthy, I really recommend going there, especially if you’re a healthy person. I was so excited to see them again because Goda does an internship in Amsterdam and Dascha was leaving for her internship the next day. However, my back tooth was coming through, and this hurt so insanely bad that eating was super painful. I didn’t want to tell them, because it was so sweet of them to organize this, that I just worked my way through a very hard sandwich. We had so much fun though, that I did not mind.

We would go with Goda to get a tattoo afterward, and while we were talking about this I all of the sudden said; “what if we just get matching tattoos together.” I love the idea of matching tattoos, being bound together forever by such a symbol seems beautiful. However, when I called my mom about it she did not seem to think it was such a good idea, so I slowly backed out. Dascha did too, so now Goda is still the only one with a tattoo. Maybe, Dascha and I will do it too, later, but then with a bit more consideration.

Thanks girls, for this lovely surprise!





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