A very happy Sunday to you girls!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend, despite the weather. It’s awful and I cannot wait for the sunny days to come back. But we live in Holland, so that could take a while. As I hate dressing according to the weather outside, I was freeeeezing when wearing this outfit (look at how red my hands are). I had to shoot a short movie for a final assignment at uni, so I had to dress as I would when going out for a drink. For that I used a NIKKIE shirt from last year’s collection, but I think it’s still cool, so I keep wearing it. To stay a bit chique I wore a Sandro jumper, I stole from my sister’s closet (she was in England, so it’s ok..). To finish the look, I took a small SeeByChloe bag, which I also stole from my sister. And to stay a bit warm still, I wore a black teddy coat from ZARA.

So it’s a bit of a boring outfit, but maybe it will give you some inspiration for when you want to go out for a drink in the city!

Enjoy the last hours of your Sunday and see youuuu!




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