Chère Tegla,

We just finished watching the first episode of the second season of Last Chance U. Have you seen it? I definitely recommend it. It is honestly a very inspiring series. Now, I’m editing this blog about our trip to Cannes.

Cannes is a great place, and I had a really nice time there. We drove about an hour to get there from Saint-Maxime. Obviously we had to start by watching all the yachts in the haven. Wherever we go, my brothers always want to watch boats. I like it as well, because these boats are so big sometimes, they are like houses, it’s crazy.


After the boats, my mom and I separated from the boys, and went to the luxury shopping streets. If you have a lot of money, you will have the best time in Cannes. All the designer shops are here. I just love to window shop, and look at the people inside. Maybe one day.. I especially love the Gucci bags, and the red Dior dress. Aren’t they so pretty?


If you walk a bit further than the very expensive shops, you get to the good part for girls like us. You know those people, who won’t go to all the stores we also have in The Netherlands (Zara, H&M…)? I’m not one of those girls. The Zara in Cannes is AMAZING. Maybe I was just lucky, but they had the cutest things here, and there weren’t more expensive than at home. You know me, I’m a crazy shopper. Ones I start, I have to buy everything. This was definitely also the case in Cannes. You will see a lot of new clothes in my outfit posts. After Zara I went to Sephora, and bought some new brushes and a Sleek highlighter. The shops are all really pretty, so even if you can’t afford everything, it is still worth a look.


After the shopping, we had dinner in a restaurant everyone was walking past. Some people might not like this, but people watching in Cannes is the best. Maybe it is superficial of me, but I really like going to these fancy places, and just watch chique people. Cannes was definitely more accessible than Monaco, were we went two years ago, and the crowd is very diverse. Sometimes you see a woman who dresses super well with a designer bag, and that’s kind of goals. oh, and my dad says he saw Bono, so I guess you can also spot celebrities here. In the evening, we watched fireworks on the boulevard, and drove home.





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