Hi darlings!!

How are you? All the pictures you posted look so good! I’m doing good, trying to survive these last 2 weeks until we have christmas break… Yesterday, I chilled a little, between all the deadlines and workdays. Went to some furniture stores to help someone who is moving, which I LOVE because that’s the time I’m planning my whole future (“I will put this in my house!!!! Oooo look, the couch I will buy for my first house!!” do you do this too..?).

Then we went out to take some pictures. The weather was soooo bad and grey, so decided to go to a colourful place! I wore my captain-outfit, as I call it. People always look at me like I am the weirdest person ever when I wear that hat, but I absolutely love it. To give my outfit some colour, I wore my ultra yellow bag with it. I hope it inspired you in some way!

Lots of love and KISSES

Sarah R.

12345Hat:, Coat: Mango, Jersey: H&M, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Isabel Marant, Jewelry: I am, Bag: unknown – from some market in France.


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