Dear Saar and Teg,

How are you? Teg, that place looks amazing and I will definitely go there sometime. I hope you are enjoying your vacation by the way!

Today I went to the hairdresser, because I wanted something completely different. I am actually very happy with the result! I have bangs, for the first time ever, but it is still pretty messy which I love. After that I went to my grandma and went out to eat with my sisters and brother. Chill day.

I wore my suit, but combined it with my sneakers and a white tee to keep it casual! Hope you’ll get inspired.

img_6215_fotorimg_6183_fotorimg_6223_fotor img_6224_fotorimg_6208_fotorimg_6197_fotorT-shirt: Primark, Blazer: Friday, Trousers: Zara, Bag: Primark, Sneakers: Asics. 

Miss you babes! Have a great weekend.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Saar

PS: This is a closer look of my new haircut. So different, right?! Hope you like it! img_6341_fotor


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