Hey Saar,

How weird is it, me writing on our blog for the very last time? Not sure how I should be feeling as I know it is my own choice and it is something that has been spinning through my mind for a while now. For those of you who are wondering what happened or just seeking for some good gossip: I have to disappoint you as nothing happened. Throughout the past year and a half, all of us worked extremely hard on this project, especially you Saar
However, my priorities shifted and my motivation to work on this project became less and less. As energy is spare (especially my energy) I decided to focus on stuff that gives me motivation and all the energy I need, as thus put this on hold for now.

I hope you enjoyed reading all my posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. For now, I will enjoy my time left on exchange and read every single post of you Saar, promised!


Hey Teg!

Thank you for your kind words. I want to thank you for the work you put into the website, and I’m curious to see what will be next for you.

I’m excited about this new challenge, but also a bit anxious because from now on I don’t know exactly what will happen to themailstash. I want to personalize the website to my own liking, so everything will start to look a little different from now on. This is definitely not the end of the blog, and I will keep creating content you’ll hopefully love, only this time it will come from only me.

Because I will be the only writer of the blog (hopefully with a few guest writers) it doesn’t seem very natural to keep calling the website However, I don’t exactly know if this will change, I will keep you posted on that!

Themailstash has been my passion project for almost a year now and I love doing it, so I’m really glad I’ll be able to give my personal touch to it. A few things will change already; I will continue posting solely on my own Instagram, the layout will change, and the content will all be my own. Some things will change over time, but you’ll have to stay tuned for those!

I hope you’ll keep reading, then I’ll keep writing.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Leebeek



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