Hey Saar,

I loved all your pictures from France, looked so pretty and for sure I will try out all those place if I go there!

This summer is quite “busy” for me, as I am flying and driving all over (if only I would get paid to do this, instead of just spending my money..). Currently, I am in Lisbon for the last part of my roadtrip through Portugal. Yet, since, I just arrived here I am not able to share any experiences so far. Therefore, I will give you a quick inside into my two days in Porto.

To be honest, Porto did not meet my expectations when it comes to its beauty, but the more it exceded my expectations when it came to the vibe and restaurants. Oh and the best of everything, it is the cheapest ever. I am not going to give you any tips on where to go or how to explore as I never prepare and just start walking. And… then two years later realize that I missed all the cool places (who cares..). But I do have some tips for you!

Confeitaria do Bolhão

This place is the best! If you like cake, at least. Lunch is also quite good, but they have the best pastel de nata and Bola de Berlim.


Jardim das Oliveiras

This is a ‘rooftop’ parc in the middle of the city where you can just relax and have a drink. I would recommend to go there late afternoon, before you go for dinner.


This is a vegetarian restaurant, which kind of looks like Spirit in Rotterdam. You can just sit there or take away (which is what we did). Food is really good and quite cheap, and who doesn’t love that right?


As you see it’s only food and drinks, but for me, that makes a city memorable. For now, I will change clothes (it’s so hot, my god) and explore this city.

See you!




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  1. Sounds good! I’m going to Porto at the end of this month, so I’m definitely gonna check out these spots! x Sherilynn

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