I can’t believe we finally launched our own blog. And that on New Years day. I have to admit, I had a bit too much champagne last night, but who cares? My night was fun!
Also, I know my trip to Prague is already a few weeks back, but I still wanted to share it with you, as it was such a beautiful city!

OK, so as you know I went to Prague from Thurday to Monday with my boyfriend Tim. I wish I could tell you my program day by day, but honestly, we just walked randomly through a different part of the city each day. And actually, I think that is the best thing to do in Prague, as each street has beautiful buildings with even more beautiful colours. Besides, we had clear blue skies, which made the city even more beautiful! Except for the last day, the last day was grey and rainy and extremely cold. So cold, we were freezing while walking and so cold we had to warm up with hot chocolate at the first restaurant we came across.
Also, as you might know I have this thing against Christmas markets, I believe I could say that I actually hate Christmas markets. As they are always too crowed and all you can buy is shitty food and junk. However, the Christmas market in Prague was (to my own surprise) quite fun to walk through. Maybe, because it was something different than the ones in Germany? I don’t know, but my hate was not present.

As we were already working on our blog when I was in Prague, I had to find the best spots to shoot pictures. I am not sure if Tim was very happy with me, as he had to take a million pictures of me with different backgrounds. (sorry Tim, love you). But, it was all for a good cause and I was happy with them and find the pictures really cool!



I did not remember the exact names and places of restaurant we went to, I am sorry about that. I know, I should have, as nice restaurants make a city even better. However, I can assure you that there are nice restaurant and the food and drinks are extremely cheap, so who doesn’t love that? Yet, I do want to tell you about a bakery we walked by, while we were a bit lost in the city. I was sooo cute and of course I forgot the name and also did not take any pictures of it (I know I am probably the worst blogger). But they had all sorts of Strüdel and brownies and cakes and pies and everything that you want to eat all at once. So we decided to try out Cheesecake Strüdel and pistachio brownie, which was green. AND, I took a picture of that! So, maybe I am not THE worst blogger, maybe there’s still hope and maybe I’ll take a picture of every restaurant and all the food next time. At least, I’ll try my best to think about that.

I hope you had the best New Years and I wish all the love and happiness in the world for all of you. May this year be good to us. And also, enjoy my pictures, Tim made most of them:).





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