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I know you love to go to different places every year, and since I definitely recomend the South of Fance, I wanted to share my Côte d’Azur hotspots with you. I love going on vacay and finding the best spots there. Since I have been to the South of France twice already, I have developed my own favourite places here. I would really really recommend all these hotspots.


Au Parfums d’Italie

When you go to Saint-Maxime in the evening this is where all the people stand in line, which must mean that it’s good. According to trip advisor this is the best ice cream of Saint-Maxime, and I would say the same for me. As you can see they make your ice-cream into these pretty flowers, which is obviously very Insta friendly.


84 avenue Charles de Gaulle, Sainte-Maxime

Marché Couvert

This market is where we get our fish for on the bbq, and our fresh fruits. They have everything for a nice meal, and it is all super fresh. It is open in the morning and in the afternoon.


Rue Fernand Bessy, Sainte-Maxime

Les Issambres

Plage 44

All of my best memories are at Plage 44. Plage 44 is a beachclub with beach beds, a bar and a restaurant. The beds you need to reserve some days, because it gets busy. The bar is affordable and has amazing burgers and fries (if you only knew how much I ate there). The restaurant is quite expensive, but also of really high quality, and has a great atmosphere. We were at Plage 44 almost every day.


Avenue du Croiseur Leger le Malin, Saint-Maxime

Les Alizés Restaurant

The pizzas here are sooo good. You know I’m basically a pizza expert, because I have tasted SO many in my life, but these are really nice. They also have the perfect chocolate dessert. From the restaurant you have a view on the Les Issambres haven.


23 Port des Issambres



How beautiful is this store? When you’re in Cannes, you just have to go in for a Macaroon, just because the store is soo pretty. I know from the store in Paris, that they also make beautiful boxes filled with Macaroons, which are the best gifts.


79 rue d Antibes, Cannes

Fragonard Parfumeur

This store smells amazing. They sell soaps, parfums, and other fun things. The store is so incredible, that it is an experience in itself. The products are super affordable, which makes them the perfect souvenir for your friends and family.


103 Rue d’Antibes, Cannes


Dior Des Lices Restaurant

This restaurant is so beautiful, everyone is taking pictures in front of the gate. Two years ago I was also taking pictures in front, but now my mom and I decided to go have a drink. The drinks are not that much more expensive than in other restaurants, so the experience is totally worth the money. You are surrounded with beautiful fancy people, and you can take pictures sneakily with everything Dior. Isn’t that amazing?


13 Rue François Sibilli, Saint-Tropez

I hope you get the chance to visit these places!




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