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I promised you I would share some more about my trip last weekend. Going away for a little bit was just lovely. I’m a city girl at heart, but going out into the nature is sometimes just what you need to clear your head.

We arrived to the farm late in the evening. This was completely my fault since I has sent my family to the hostel instead of to the farm, so obviously they weren’t too happy with me. In the car I had started to watch the series “13 reasons why,” which me and my family continued to watch throughout the whole entire trip. It is a really really great show, but also heavy, and left me feeling pretty sad after finishing it.

The farm was divided into a lot of separate rooms, and after accidentally almost choosing a room with a really big spider in it, I settled into a nice comfy room next to it. In the middle of the house there was a big family table, and upstairs was a space with a big screen where we watched “13 reasons why” till deep in the night. The house was surrounded with so much nature that you could not see any other houses. We finished that first night with a walk in the dark that I initiated, and of course immediately regretted when we heard the first noise.

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How cute are these baby chickens?

The next day we went to the village where we checked out a lot of art galleries, and eventually my brother and I just went to the supermarket because we lost everyone.

On Sunday we went on a mini hike into the nature, which I love, especially when there is water. After that the rest of the family went to see a garden while me and my grandma sat in the sun at a terrace. We had to race home to see the soccer game on the big screen with the whole entire family. The weekend ended with one last “adventure” walk, where I screamed every time their was any type of insect on me haha.

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Sunday evening we said goodbye to the family, and had a lovely roadtrip home. I had a great weekend and spending quality time with your family is always the best!

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