Hey Friends,

Sorry for not posting for a while, I was busy writing my thesis and going on lunches with my friends. I’m still feeling so fortunate to have my friends back, that having all the catch-ups with them is filling up my life pretty nicely.

On Friday I went for lunch at Jarmusch with Tegla, who as you know, contributed to this blog before, and I hadn’t talked to in a long time. Saturday, Dasha, Goda and I were supposed to hang out but Goda got sick so it was just me and Dasha eating sushi bowls. Sushi bowls are my life right now, not to brag, but the ones that I make are amazing, that’s what makes my friends keep coming back haha. Dasha and I had so far only hung out with Goda, but we had so much fun together. I’m making Dasha buy so much random stuff haha. I bought four iPhone cases of AliExpress because I got carried away and they’re so cheap. They had the absolute cutest ones, but who needs four phone cases if you only have one phone haha? I guess I will be switching it up. But then Dasha took a look and ordered four for herself as well, so guess I’m not that crazy. On Sunday Sjue came over and we made dinner and baked together, she is just the sweetest person and we always have a blast together.

Today, I had an appointment at Delfshaven where I had never been before. It is a whole different part of Rotterdam but turns out it was so pretty. It was the most beautiful sunny day, so perfect for taking pictures. If you are ever around it’s definitely worth checking out. After my appointment, my mom and I had lunch at Lilith. I had the salmon pancakes again, and they were soo good.

How was your weekend?





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