Hiiiiiii girls,

I AM OBSESSED!! Yesterday Saar and I went to Baker’s Dough in Rotterdam and it was so nice! So nice? No, my dream actually. The only nice thing about Ben&Jerry’s cookie dough  ice cream is the cookie dough, and now there is a place where I can have just the cookie dough with my favourite toppings. How much better can life be?

The title of this post is dough for dinner, because it was my dinner.. I rushed straight out of my internship to Saar who already was in line (yes there is a line outside, I am sorry about that). But I didn’t care because it was so nice to see Sarah again. Since I am doing my internship it it pretty hard to have a normal social life, so every chance I get to see my friends is perfect!

Now more about the store! It is so cute, you just have to visit it even if you don’t like cookie dough (but who doesn’t?). O and good news too, you can do the vegan life style as there is a vegan cookie dough. I used to get a lot of questions about me being vegan (thanks Sam) but I am actually not, I only try to be veggie. And here’s the proof: I chose the white chocolate dough with brownie, cookies and Tony’s salted caramel chocolate as my toppings. Saar chose the OG dough with M&M’s, brownie and nutella sauce as her toppings and both were soooo good. Maybe not the best choice for your dinner but absolutely the best for you dessert.

Check out the pictures and fall in love with this place too. And Saar can’t wait to meet again and see your photography skills.

XX Tegla


Pannekoekstraat 82A, Rotterdam



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