Hi Huns,

What a lovely weekend it has been. And to think that I have two weeks of vacation now, such a treat. First I need to wrap up some assignments though, and the procrastinator that I am, I still need to start writing all of them. It is important to remember that I’m almost done, it’s a crazy idea, but I still need to do very little courses before I finish my bachelor.

This Sunday, the family of my mom came to our house for an Easter brunch. I had prepared a cucumber-avocado soup, and bruschettas. My mom loves to pull out all of my classics for every family event, which means that I’m usually quite busy during these times. It was so nice to see the whole family again. I have three “little” cousins, who are just the absolute sweetest, and love to braid my hair, which I can obviously not say no to. I have one slightly older cousin, Daila, who is just so insanely beautiful. The next day we visited the other family, but I will show you that later.





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