EMA 2016

Dear Sarah L. and Tegla,

Today I want to tell you guys the story of a great event I have got to experience recently. Of course, Saar knows a lot of this story already, because she was there with me.

6-11-2016, the day we would finally go to the EMA’s. S., Saar and I were beyond excited, it was the one thing that had dragged us through the difficult exam week we just had. It also wan’t like it had been an easy road to get there. To get where we wanted to be we had to go to the MTV fan auditions first. If it was a great plan to go to these auditions the friday before the exam week, with zero clue what we were going to do there, I don’t know, but it was worth it for sure. I would meet S. at Beurs metro station at half past 1, so we would be right on time for the audition to start. But, like always, things didn’t really go according to plan. My mom had taken my key, and closed the gate of my house. So I was basically locked in my own castle. To get to the auditions, I then had to climb the gate. Which was not an easy task. I called S. two times before I had the courage to do it, I still have the bruises to prove it. Before, we got to audition we had to wait 5, yes 5, hours before it was our turn. Luckily, this gave us some time to prepare, and to come up with the following concept. We decided to recreate “Problem.”  Saar would playback Ariana Grande, I would rap the part by Iggy Azalea, and S. would do Big Sean’s part. Apparently, it went way better than we expected. Not only did we get tickets to the show, but also to stand along the red carpet. Besides this, we got filmed and ended up on Facebook. Not gonna tell you where ;).

So, this was a bit of a summary of how we got to the big day. The weekend before I had gone through every shop in Amsterdam just to find the perfect dress, and I happened to also find the perfect dress for S. We got dressed up at Saar’s place, put makeup on, and of course, took some pictures (if it’s not on snapchat, did it actually happen?). Unfortunately, it was a super rainy, cold day so when we went through all the security and we finally got assigned to our place along the red carpet, it was not the best situation that we were standing outside. S., Saar and I, stood in the cold just wearing our dresses for probably 3,5 hours, but you didn’t hear us complain. It was probably one of the most exciting things that ever happened to us. We got to see how the whole process of celebrities walking the red carpet went, and we saw SO many famous people. Now, I have a bit of an obsession with the whole entertainment world, so seeing so many of my idols, was a really great experience. We saw the Geordie Shore cast (Charlotte!!, Gary!!), Nina Dobrev, Jourdan Dunn, Martin Garrix, and many, many more.

After the red carpet, we went inside Ahoy to see the show. We had secured ourselves an amazing spot at the front of the stage, which meant we could see the performances really well. Zara Larsson had an amazing performance, Shawn Mendes sang so well, seeing The Weeknd was amazing, and Bebe was a great host. Overall, we just loved everything about the show. Being able to experience this with S. and with you, Saar, was truly incredible. It was a night we won’t forget.

I hope you liked hearing about this Teg, and Saar, that you kind of got to relive it again.

Love and kisses,




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