Heyy Cuties,

There is a new episode of the Besties at Sarah’s Podcast! Aren’t you proud of me for actually following through with this crazy plan? This week’s guest is my mom Anja, she is definitely one of my best friends, and it seemed only fitting to invite her to my podcast.

We talk about everything family related; from family vacations, our favorite traits of family members, our happiest moments and so much more. My mom has the nicest voice to listen to, it is so calming, so I definitely recommend listening if you’re feeling a bit stressed. This podcast was yet again a really personal one, but I really do love these chats, because this way I can save all these conversations that say a lot about my life right now.

Tonight I will be recording another podcast with two of my friends; Masha and Goda, if you have any things you would like us to talk about, let me know!





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