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I am obsessed with your beauty reviews, so pleeease keep buying cheap make up and give me reviews. They are the best!

Can you believe I am already leaving in less than two weeks? I mean, time went by so fast and I am getting more and more excited. Not only for my exchange, but maybe even more for the fact that fall is super close now. Fall is by far my favourite season, so I am never sad when summer ends. I love the rain while laying in bed and how every tree turns to its most beautiful colour. And for me, there is no better shopping than shopping for fall season. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to put together my go to fall look with this season’s Zara collection.

My rule is to stay simple, yet giving your outfit a bit of sprakle by either using your shoes, bag or coat. Keep the basics simple: you could wear the exact same outfit everyday, but no one will ever notice if you keep mixing it up with eye catching coats or shoes. For this outfit I decided to go with a simple jeans, oversized knit look, and no coat, as I don’t think that is necessary yet. Therefore, I spiced it up a bit by using a striking pants. Also, try to match your shoes and bag/coat/belt so your outfit looks more like a whole.

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-04 om 11.09.47

These pants make your outfit look fashionable without even trying. I love a loose fit, as it makes your legs often look taller. Go get them here

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-04 om 11.12.06

Everyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with knitted sweaters and my mom even banned me from buying more knits, so now I am in desperate need of a good one. I admit that it can make your outfit look lazy and dull, but again it is the perfect match with a striking pair of jeans and a good pair of shoes. Go get it here

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-04 om 11.19.27

Many would not buy/wear these shoes, but I think they are quite cool. Especially in combination with the entire outfit and they are a perfect match with the bag. Also, Zara shoes surprise me when it comes to quality, my fave pair of boots are from Zara and I wore them almost everyday last winter. Go get them here

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-04 om 11.20.35

This bag is the perfect match with the shoes and makes the outfit looks like a whole, which is exactly what we need. Go buy it here

Oh and no Zara did not sponsor me to write this post (I wish they would, and so does my bank account). But I just believe that they have the best basics ever and by just grabbing the right pieces you can make your outfit look so much more expensive than it is. Believe me, most people always think my clothes are super expensive, but 9 out of 10 times, the majority comes from Zara and did not cost more than €50.

Let me know if you like these kind of posts, because I love making them!

See you!!

XX Tegla


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