Hey girls,

I know, I know, it has been such a long time since I wrote something here (maybe a bit too long). I am sorry about that, please forgive me. It is just that I am so super busy with my internship at the moment. I wake up so early and I won’t be home before 7:30 p.m. or so. Honestly, I am not sure if I am made for this working, independent woman life (just kidding, I just like complaining). But enough about that!

Since the weather has not been that nice lately and I am dressed in sweaters every day because it’s freezing at the office, I figured that I will not make you happy with an outfit post. Instead, I will tell you my 3 fave cities I visited, all starting with an S. As you might know I travelled to quite some places with my parents. And there are some places that I would love to go back to! So here we go! O and they’re just holiday pictures taken with an iPhone, so don’t even start to complain about the quality..


I visited Sydney during my christmas break in 2015 with my family. I only stayed there for 1,5 day, which was way too short. But we were on a tight scedule as we had to drive all the way to Cairns in just 2 weeks. My favorite part of Sydney was the vibe. It was so chill and the people were really nice, and also the food was soo good. We had lunch at Watson’s bay at a restaurant (I forgot the name). But just a few months after I saw on Instagram that Bella Hadid went there too, so it must be a hotspot haha.


Next on the list is Singapore, which really was so nice. I went there for 2,5 days after a two week holiday on an island in Malaysia. So it was nice to be in a city again. We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which is the one in shape of a boat. The hotel itself was ok, but the view at the pool was everything! The city itself is also really cool, and not too big. I can really recommend you to do a biking tour (I mean, you can take the girl out of Holland, but you can never take Holland out of the girl).



This is my fave city in the US, at least, compared to the other cities I have seen there. It is not that popular among tourists, I figured, as most people first go to NY, LA or SF. But this city is so nice and pretty! There is a lot of art and an amazing view from the tower. Also, the first Starbucks opened there, but there was an actual line to go in there, so I didn’t go haha!


Hope you enjoyed it and again sorry for the holiday quality pictures. But you just have to deal with it!

XX Tegla


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