Dear Teg, and Saar R.,

It has been a very busy week, next to starting a couple of new classes, I also had two interviews for an internship. I really enjoyed them, and it also gave me the opportunity to do some shopping in Amsterdam. I bought two really beautiful lipsticks and I decided that I would to write a post about one of my greatest loves; makeup.

Every day I wake up exited to do my makeup, especially to do my eyeshadow. I just think a bit of sparkly gold eyeshadow can truly brighten up your day. Because of this, I have become completely addicted with buying eyeshadow palettes. Even though this has lead me to have many, I have three favourites.


Naked 2, Urban Decay

This first palette I got for my birthday as a joined gift of all of my best friends, because they knew I really wanted to have it. I was so happy to get this palette as a gift, but even happier that my friends knew me so well.

It is a really beautifully pigmented palette, that you can use on daily basis, but is also great for a party. Why I think it is one of the greatest out there is because it stays on forever. I once saw I friend going to bed with this eyeshadow still on, and waking up with her makeup still looking great. Not that I necessarily recommend this. But still, that is some great eyeshadow.


Cacao Blend Palette, ZOEVA

I first saw this palette in a video of Janni Déler, and because I really trust her judgement I immediately bought it. I never regretted it, because it is, both inside and out, the most beautiful palette. I love the pinks, but mostly use the neutral colours with a bit of golden sparkle. It is also great to use it when doing matching eyeshadow on your friends for a night out.


The Nudes, Maybelline

This palette is colourwise a lot like the Naked one, but even tough it still has great pigment, I think it sometimes is a bit easier to work with the dark colours in this one, because they are not quite as intense. Therefore, I think this one works really well for a natural smokey eye. It is also a lot cheaper than the Naked 2 palette. I even got this one in a two-for-one deal. You also have a blushed version that I own as well, but since I use pinks a lot less than neutral colours, I prefer this one.

I know you girls also love makeup and am very curious to hear what your faves are, and how the start of your term was.

Hope to talk to you soon!






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