Hey Sweeties!

Tuesday was the best day. As you all know, spending time with my friends is my favorite thing to do. Tuesday I woke up, and Kimberly came over to do a photoshoot. With the new blog, I needed some new pictures, and Kimberly hadn’t posted anything on her Instagram for a while. If we do photoshoots together they are always very successful and we post throwbacks of the pictures until the end of time. For some of you, it might sound so weird to go out and take pictures of each other, but I think it is a fun creative process, and something really cool to do with friends.

We started off by me doing Kimberly’s makeup, which I love. I have SO much makeup, so if I can use it to make someone else feel good, it comes to great use. She looked so pretty, and she was really glowing haha. I just ordered much more makeup from Colourpop, which I will definitely review for you. It was 20% off, so you can imagine how crazy I went.

When we were both all dressed up, we borrowed my parent’s car and started our road trip around the city. It was rainy and dark, but the pictures still turned out pretty well, so you will see a lot more material soon. Afterwards, we were so hungry (I had only eaten one banana and one spoon of Nutella) that we went to the Mac Drive. It was so goals, because while Kimberly and I were eating in the parking lot, we were FaceTiming with my bestie Fleur in Finland. Then, we went to have our official dinner (I know, how extra) at Gym & Gin, arguably my favorite restaurant in the whole entire world, and had a sushi bowl together with my brother.

How is your week going?




Dress: Bershka, Coat: Topshop, Heels: Primark

Photography: Kimberly Jahja


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