Hey Babes!

The season has started! I’m listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas album all the time. Mixed in with Reputation of course. What do you think of Taylor’s album? I love it! The third of December was my first holiday party with the family. Many more will follow, because this Friday my girls and I will have a little party, and Saturday all my guy friends are coming over.

This is just a little impression of how it was, I always forget to take pictures when I’m having fun. My grandparents and my uncle came to our house, and everyone had bought gifts for everyone, and of course, we had written poems.

For dinner we ate Gourmet, which basically means you make your own dinner on really small pans. Do they only do this in The Netherlands? Then it was time for gifts. My mom and brother were super spoiled, but I also got really nice gifts. I have a new microphone now for the podcast, so I expect the quality to dramatically increase. Aron brought me the nicest christmas colour from my favorite Maybelline lipstick, and my dad gave me the best TopShop jeans while we were shopping. TopShop jeans are definitely the best I have ever tried. I had a favorite pair when I was a bit younger, and now I’ve grown out of them, they’ve gone to my best friend. So they have been worn for 5 years already (!!) and are still good.

I’m now off to make sushi bowls. My family will have a night in and play games!





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