Hi Monday and hi girls,


I am writing this post from my window seat in the plane, what better view could one have? As you know I flew to Prague on Thursday to have a long weekend away. And it actually felt like a mini holiday, which is something I was in desperate need of. Of course, the weekend flew by faster than this airplane is doing right now. Yet, four days were long enough to visit this city.  I have to admit that it was a little cold, but the clear blue skies made me forget all about it. And, the cold was the perfect opportunity to see if my new favourite coat was warm enough to get me through the winter!


I found this coat while scrolling through my Instagram and was immediately in love with it! So I did some research and found out where to buy it. Apparently, I blended entirely in with this coat, when it came to the Czech fashion, as  people asked me multiple times for a certain place they wanted to go to in Prague. Moreover, I decided to combine my new coat with a dress I found online as well, it is from Rough Studios. To still keep me warm, I put on a warm pantyhose and a big scarf I bought last year at Zara. To finish I (of course) took my favourite bag of the moment with me.
I hope you enjoy your week and find some inspiration in my Prague outfit!



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