Dear Saar R. and Teg,

Is is a busy time, besides dealing with exams and deadlines, there is also the excitement of waiting to hear what our exchange destinations will be. I hope that we will all be happy with the destinations assigned to us, but I am sure that wherever we go we will have the best time.

For now we have to focus on all of our university work. How are you dealing with that? I have already finished quite some of my work. I think the video that Tegla and I made for one of the courses turned out pretty well. What did you do for that Saar?

Even tough I did not have much time I had to take some pictures in this beautiful weather. I had not done an outfit post in a long time because I fell of my bike, which left my legs looking not so pretty.  My mom and I went to the woods to do a photo shoot when I saw this pile of trees. I thought it would be such a great background. If you guys will take pictures outside, be sure to put some tights on, it is very cold!

Have a great (and productive) weekend!





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