Hey Babes,

Around three months ago, I planned a party for our ShowPony squad. Exchange still seemed so long then, and I missed my friends so much. Since the beginning of uni, I had always planned parties for us, and Galentine is an annual tradition. Now more of my friends have boyfriends and actual dates on Valentine’s day, so we celebrated it on the 16th.

Everyone always says you don’t know what you miss till it’s gone, but I think you don’t know how much you missed something till it’s back. I love these girls so much, and never want them to leave again. Everyone brings food to our parties, and we always end up with way too much. This time we had couscous, pasta, pizza, baguette with avocado and I had made a huge chocolate cake.

We had dinner and talked about our lives. Even though it was just six of us, it is always chaos. We played 30 seconds which annoyed Fleur very much. I was a team with Saar, and that got incredibly loud, to the point where we were just screaming at each other. It is our annual tradition that with Valentine’s day we smash a pinata in the shape of a heart. I had spent 5 days making that thing, and it was smashed in 2 minutes. The night ended with just me and Fleur talking on the couch (obvi). I can’t even tell you how much I missed that.

To many more nights like these.





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