Happy Friday!

Normally I would have been over excited knowing my weekend is about to begin. However, this Friday means that our 3.5 weeks holiday is almost over and uni life is about to start. Not sure if I am ready for the overload of deadlines and 7 a.m. alarms. But for now, I will just enjoy the last days of my holiday and pretent that uni is still far away.

I have to admit I am a bit jealous seeing your beautiful pictures of Paris. Those coloured streets look soooo cute, I want to visit them too! Yet, I also enjoyed doing nothing. Oh and by the way Saar and I visited Antwerp on Tuesday. It was waay too cold, but so much fun. I wore a mini-skirt with a shiny grey sweater I bought a year ago in Hong Kong. Also, of course, my favourite teddy coat. So here’s some inspiration for the weekend!

Enjoy the last two days of our holiday and I’ll see you on Monday.



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