Hey girls!

I am so curious how you guys are doing! Saar, I know I have told you a million times already, but I absolutely love your hair. Besides that, I thought your last outfit was great, it will be perfect for your internship in Amsterdam. Very chique, but still keeping it casual with the sneakers.

Teg, did you enjoy your vacation? I saw a picture on your Instagram where you looked fabulous on your skis, not that I would expect it any other way. I am happy to have you home safe, and look forward to hearing everything about your trip.

While I am watching “Boer zoekt vrouw,” a Dutch tv show, with my family, and eating a homemade cake, I wanted to share with you something that always makes me happy. There are a lot of things that never fail to put a smile on my face; a girlsnight, New Girl, my family, and of course, Nutella. But the one thing that always puts me in a good mood, is music. A happy song can give you this euphoric feeling, whether you feel on top of the world, or when you could not possibly feel worse. Therefor, I wanted to show you the songs that have made me really happy recently, or that I have great, happy, memories of.

I hope that if will make you feel great too!



Btw, how amazing is the new album of Ed Sheeran?!


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