Hey sweeties,

Today I decided to write a bit of a different post. Tomorrow I’ll be turning 20, and to celebrate I wanted to make a post about the highlights of the 19th year of my life. This year I’ve experiences so many great things that I’m very grateful for.

Starting with my amazing 19th birthday. It was a great party, and almost all my friends were there. I got the most thoughtful gifts, that showed how well my friends knew me.


Quickly after that, I went on a trip to Berlin with my family. We stayed at an amazing apartment, and experienced so much culture while we were there.


This next holiday was the absolute highlight of my year. Going to Italy with my three friends was more than I could ever have imagined. Every part of it was amazing; the hours and hours in the train, dancing at the beach party, shopping, and so much more. The only thing about this trip that could have been improved was that I tried to carry a backpack with tons of books, and about six pairs of shoes, but all that is forgotten.


Almost immediately after that I went on another great holiday. My family and I visited Spain, and after a week my long-time friend Lucia joined us. We swam in blue water, ate more than you can ever imagine, and played Spanish music very loud. Afterwards, we also went to Barcelona, which was another highlight.


This getaway was a very short one, but nonetheless incredibly fun. My three friends and I drove in three hours to Düsseldorf accompanied by my road trip playlist. Those three days we spent there were super hot, but with swimming in the water, and shopping in chilly shops, we managed to keep cool.


Another great experience was the wedding of my aunt. I had spent the nights before that making the wedding cake, wedding cakepops, and a wedding chocolate cake haha. It was all worth it, and the wedding was truly beautiful.


Besides this, all the dinner parties with our Showpony squad were a highlight every single time. I’m so grateful that I have such an amazing group of girls as my friends. We always have so much fun together, and we support each other endlessly.


This was only a very small part of what was a great year filled with highlights. Besides all the holidays, and special evenings, I also enjoyed all the times I spent quality time with my friends and family, the MTV EMA awards, doing crazy assignments for school, making new friends, starting this blog, and going to Paris. I want to thank everyone who made this year a very special one, and I hope the next one will be just as great.







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