Hey Saar,


Hope you are enjoying your holiday in France as much as I am enjoying mine! Not that my life is that hard, but I just really needed to get away and relax for a bit. (People who know me, will be like: take a chill pill, you have been relaxing your whole life, which is partly true but still, let me live).
Also, I loved reading your post as I think many girls and women (including myself) have those days where they just don’t feel like putting on that swimsuit and go for it. I am still working on that too. Although you may think that I am in the best shape I still look in that mirror and see points of improvement. Therefore I workout (yes even during my holiday, and yes also on christmas and no not on new years and sometimes when I am sick and no I don’t have Victoria’s Secret body and no I don’t have abs, and yes I eat chocolate and yes I eat fries, and yes I also can eat so much that I feel like exploding, and yes I have stretchmarks and other questions you can always ask).


And I know people will hate me for this (calm down pls) but I just love working out, I love sore muscles and I love sweat (the more the better, although I try to avoid it when I just washed my hair). So if you are like me, read the following tips on how I stay in shape during my holiday. If not, please continue to the last 2 tips.


The roadtrip


If you are on a roadtrip through whatever right now, you have no excuses because I have been there girl (or boy)! I did it, so you better get on that hotelroom ground or run to the gym of your hotel and open that YouTube app. Do some squats, push ups etc. even if you only do it for 15 minutes, it is always better than doing nothing. If you are in Canada, go on a 17km hike, if you are in a city walk through the entire city (this doesn’t count when it’s above 25 degens, don’t do it then), if you are in Asia go on a jungle tour and I don’t know what to do when you are in a train through Europe. Don’t know how much space you have, and maybe a bit weird to do sit-ups on the ground? I would stick to some squats maybe. Or if you are a girl, don’t sit on that public toilet if you have to pee, just squat above it, I think that counts as a workout too. Men will never know the struggle of legs that are shaking while trying to pee.


The “staying in hotel/house holiday”


These are the best as this gives you the opportunity to workout whenever you like. Most hotels have a gym and most houses have a garden and wifi which will allow you to open that YouTube app and go for it (Rebbeca Louise Fitness is my fave, try it out, she is on holiday all the time and stays in shape). Currently, I am on this type of holiday and I am blessed that my hotel offers Pilates, so that what I am doing every other day. Besides I swim in the ocean and go paddleboarding (yes I count this as a workout, let me live).


The “my parents like renting a sailing boat without a gym holiday”
Still no excuse to skip your workout, as I have been here as well. This tip only counts if you are in a warm country where there is no fear of sharks or whales or killer whales (so don’t do this if you are on a sailing boat in Canada right now, just don’t). But start your morning with swimming around your boat, if you are a good swimmer do 50 rounds (you are still on holiday you know), if you don’t want your hair to get wet, make it an extra work out and try to keep your head as far above the water as you can. If you are a medium swimmer just start with 30 rounds and if you can’t swim try putting on that lifevest or just stay on the boat. (You can impove your workout by pulling yourself up on the anchor.) Also, in the afternoon you can get on that deck and do squats, push ups, lungees, (no jumping, I can tell you) and make it a circuit training.


The “I am on a camping without a gym holiday”


Sorry, can’t help you with this one. My last time camping was 14 years ago or so, and I didn’t need to workout yet. But maybe there is wifi on a camping nowadays? I don’t know. If you are in Europe I bet your dataroaming counts in all countries, so YouTube will work as well. Just do squats in front of your tent otherwise, this way your neighbour has a bit of entertainment as well.


These where my tips and as you can see, there is  always a way to work out. Except if you don’t want to workout, and you are nothing like me, but I have some tips on how to stay in shape for that as well.


The “I love eating but don’t want to gain weight”


This is me 100%, that’s also why I workout. But you don’t like working out, so I just shut up about working out. If you are a little like me, and you love to go to restaurant and order everything, you can still do it, but just in a different way.
Namely, order 2 starters instead of a starter and a main course, or just order a starter and 1 or 2 side dishes (this is what I do, when I still want to have a place for a dessert). Also, you can share 1 dessert with 3 or 4 people, as this will still give you the taste of heaven, just without giving yourself sugarrush after a 2 weeks holiday.


The “Tegla your advise sucks and I don’t want to eat 2 starters and definately don’t want to share my dessert with 3 people, like wtf”


OK fair enough, just wanted to help. Try reading “The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck” and just stop giving a damn about being in shape and working out and all that nonsense. Just go to that all inclusive and eat starter-main-dessert for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner  every day. I don’t care, it’s your body.


Hope this helps a bit, and makes you feel better knowing that I have to work for my body too. Oh and talking about staying in shape made me feel as if I had to post a bikini photo. So that’s what I will do, don’t judge and no, didn’t use photoshop (just a little filter).


XX Tegla





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