Dear Teg,

I’m in class writing this right now (I know, so rebellious). I need some distraction, because I’m feeling so sad. Binky has just been picked up by her owners, and I’m going to miss her sooo much. I’ve already cried three times today, and then I laughed at myself for crying over a dog I’ve only known for a week, and it was just all a big mess. I don’t think I ever understood the bond between dogs and their owners, until I experienced it first hand. And of course, I have no right to speak about this because I’ve only had Binky for a week, but there is just something about a dog jumping on your bed at 8:30 on a Sunday morning to wake you up that makes you never want to miss it again.

Onto happier things now, there are a lot of fun things coming to you this week. I hope I will be able to bring you a podcast on Wednesday with my mom as a guest, but I don’t know if she will let me publish it. Friday I will be releasing a super exiting post, that is actually not written by me… so stay tuned.

I love this fall outfit, even though I only own about 10 percent of it. The skirt is incredibly short, if you hadn’t notices it, but I don’t really have much of a problem with that. The red and the cap are so hot right now, right? So I knew I had to jump on the trend. I really like taking all of these fall pictures, so I hope I will be able to take a whole lot more.




Skirt: Hollister, Sweater: SuperDry, Shoes: Manfield, Cap: Episode


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