Dear Teg,

Monday I started my minor at the Erasmus University; creative economy. I was so incredibly nervous to start a new year. I feel like I’m not great at first impressions and new beginnings. So many of our friends are studying in foreign countries now, where they had to start all over again, I admire that so much. I know you’ll have to do the same in England, which is so cool but probably also nerve-wrecking. Therefor I wanted to tell you about my experience starting university two years ago. Maybe it will help you those first days in Exeter, and some of our friends who are experiencing new beginnings. This is a letter to my 18-year-old self walking into that classroom the first day;

Dear Saar, 

Right this moment you’re walking into the classroom, the beginning of your university journey. You probably thought about what you were gonna wear for hours, even though even you will eventually forget what exatly you wore that day. If I’m not mistaken the teacher won’t show up, which immediately is a bonding moment, because people will play movies, and you’ll have time to chat. At this moment you can’t imagine any of these people becoming friends for life. That’s funny because if you look around you, you will see your future best friends. Sanna might seem like she has already found her group but next term you guys will only have each other, which will result into one of the most precious friendships you ever had. Fleur couldn’t be more different from you, and that will always stay the same, but contrary to what you might think right now, that won’t stand in the way of her becoming your biggest supporter. You sit next to a girl named Dien, who you’ll ask if you can draw on her notebook. In the future she’ll bring this up at every party as a funny quote. You’ve already met Mariska, Yvanna and Valérie during the Eurekaweek and Bootcamp, with whom you bonded with over the naked palette. They will eventually become your partners in crime during one of the best experiences of your life, interrailing through Italy. 

This week you’ll have a hard time, you’ll miss the “simple” times of high school where you had the same friends for years. You’ll make the dumb decision to go out alone (why??), and you’ll cry when you get home, because you’re scared you won’t make any friends. This is absolutely ridiculous because the week after you’ll already have a solid friend group. 

These girls you’ll invite for parties at your house, which is always so much fun, and you should do even more, because it will eventually lead to a girl squad that rivals Taylor Swift’s. With these strong women you’ve found the soul mates you never thought you’d find. The one thing that will make the upcoming year so special is that Kimberly, your childhood best friend, will live with you. The late night eating sessions in the kitchen are memories you’ll never forget. You will go to Paris together, which no matter how small, will be your first real step towards independence. The end of your year will be the best time, because you’ll meet exchange students who will make every group project more fun. 

If there is one piece of advice I could give you, it would be not to worry so much. You’ll have the best year of your life, and if any problems occur, you’ll always have your family to fall back on. Enjoy every second of it, and treasure the friendships you’ll make, because that’s the only thing that matters when going to 9 o’clock lectures, and work groups after nights of partying. 



P.S Don’t wait so long with saying hi to Sjue, she’s just as amazing as people say she is!

Teg, I wish you the best of luck in England, and will be here waiting for you when you come back. I’m so proud of you!




Skirt: SuperTrash, Shirt: Brandy Melville, Shoes: Primark, Bag: Primark, Bracelet: Joy Jewellery

Photography: Sarah Ruigrok and I



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