AAAND Monday is back again…

Which means I am back with my weekly inspiration for the beginning of the week for you. But I have to be honest and say Monday was around the corner a little too quick. As I was all weekend too busy with making too many stupid (sorry uni) assignments and being a very supportive girlfriend. I hope you girls did a better job with planning your YouTube analysis and research proposal for uni and not just like me forever procrastinating. But enough complaining, the YouTube analysis brought something good to me, as I chose the Janni Deler channel. I believe I am a little or maybe a lot obsessed with her and her wardrobe. So she got me inspired to get a nice outfit together and make some nice photos.

Luckily the weather got better during the day as it was raining cats and dogs or maybe even elephants all weekend. And I hope my outfit will bring enough inspiration for you to put together something that will brighten up our lives! O and don’t think I didn’t wear a coat in this freezing autumn weather, I took it off for the photos. Everything to get a nice shot, right???

Don’t forget to make your week as fun as you are!




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