Hey Babes,

FINAAALLLYY! I’m sharing the pictures of my birthday, instead of working on my thesis. I’m still on such a natural high from the happiness of my birthday. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this loved before. As I mentioned in my last podcast I sometimes have a hard time missing my friends while they’re all out working hard, but to think that they all made time to come celebrate my birthday made me feel so good.

We night before my birthday my parents gave me my gifts because my dad had to work the next day. I desperately wanted to get a dog and I ended up getting to take care of the neighbor’s dog for a while with the possible extension of getting my own dog. And I got a Polaroid camera in pink with a pink cover which is so me.

The next day we started to decorate the whole entire house. I had made a sea of gold balloons above the table. Kimberly came to help and did a lot before she started taking a nap hahaha. The whole house turned to gold, and the table looked so pretty.

When all my friends arrived I did their make-up and we started taking group pictures. All the pictures are taken by Julia Marino, you should definitely check her out, she took the best pictures. The dinner started off with Bruschetta, then Capazzio, a Cucumber-Avocado soup, sushi bowls with fries, and a beautiful birthday cake as dessert. During dinner, there were speeches by my dad, Kimberly, Lucia and Roos and Sabrina. they were so sweet, and I felt so happy listening to them. Fleur gave me the most amazing book that she made with all of my friends, where they wrote stories about our friendship and about me.

I want to thank all of my friends for this fantastic night that I will never forget!






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